VC600 Polyurethane
Water Based Varnish

Antibacterial Coating Photocatalyst Sterilization for Wood, Fabric, Paper. Gloss and Self-Healing



* No Yellowing - Fouling Resistant - Surface Easy Cleaning - Wind Proof - Heat Resistant
* Excellent Abrasion and Scratch Resistant - Small Scratch auto Self Recovery - The varnish by Venus creator provides excellent abrasion and scratch-resistant, and keep its appearance like its new.
* Quick Drying - Ultra Thick (Water soluble thin layer) - A formula that dries quickly that makes it less messy and creates a fine and smooth layer, and also save a lot of extra waiting time.
* Never Gets Dull - Water Proof , Snow Proof (Non Cracking) - The application of Venus Creator Varnish stays glossy, shiny and never lets it become dull.
* Easy Application with low odor - Water Based Eco Friendly - Our water-based Polyurethane varnish is very easy to apply with less mess and low odor.

Durable Protection - Venus Creator Varnish is long-lasting and durable protection for wood, fabric and paper, one layer of varnish is enough to keep the surface hard and strong.

Water Based Polyurethane
For Wood, Fabric, Paper, Clay, Leather, Metal , Can be mixed with water color, acrylic color.
- Water soluble.
- Water resistant once dry.
- Please use soft brush.
- Paint slowly for thick coating.
- 20-30 minutes for varnish to dry and apply for the second coat of varnish.
- Too heavy thick coating at once may cause cracks when it dries.
- Take 1 days for drying out.
- Using in well ventilated area
- Store in a cool, dry and dark place ( 10-30 °C)
- Acrylic paint is suitable for coloring
- Wash brush and tools well with water after use.

Are you looking for the best wood varnish in town?
You're at the right place, we are presenting you the best Varnish that not only applies on wood but it is also suitable for paper and fabric. Enhance the beauty of natural wood, Paper or Any fabric with just a coat of Varnish by Venus Creator.

The water-based varnish made with polyurethane, it provides a gloss finish of the coating, it is ideal for furniture, wall paneling, doors, cabinets, consoles, display storage and wood interior and all the other products made of wood, fabric and paper.

A Varnish with Protection from mechanical damage as well as natural
Varnishing is a necessary step while preparing furniture or wood interior, Venus creator has created the most high-quality varnish that protects your woodworks and interior from sunlight, water, and abrasion too. It makes a thick coat on the surface to make an intact finish.

Used Fields :

Wood, fabric, paper, etc.

Store and Usage Condition

Keep it out of the reach of children.
Wear gloves to avoid direct skin contact.
To avoid contamination, do not pour resin back into the original container. Recommends pour resin to another opaque HDPE bottles.

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Warranty: 1Years
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250ml / 1000ml / 20KG / 200KG

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