Liquid 3D Printers
Translucent Resin

UV-Curing Resin Standard Photopolymer Resin




Translucent Resin works compatible with most desktop DLP / LCD / LED / SLA irradiate ultraviolet(UV) 405nm and wide range light 3D Printers. The resin works great with any engineering parts that requires translucency feature.

Used Fields : Rapid Prototyping, Electrical engineering components, Dental, Craftwork, Fluidics Design, Industrial parts, Education, archaeological model, etc.

Store and Usage Condition
Shake well before use.
Avoid direct light while bottle is opened.
Keep it out of the reach of children.
Wear gloves to avoid direct skin contact.
To avoid contamination, do not pour resin back into the original container. Recommends pour resin to another opaque HDPE bottles.
You can discard hardened resin items as trash.
Clean uncured resin with high-concentration alcohol soak for 30 seconds before post-curing.

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