VC - High Accuracy
3D Printer Resin

Suitable for All UV-Curable 3D Printers.



Venus-Creator 3D Printer Resin is a high cost-performance ratio resin. No VOC, Low Odour, Low Viscosity, High Accuracy | Smooth Surface High Stability and Low Shrinkage - Great Hardness and Toughness | Suitable for Most Desktop DLP, LCD, LED, SLA 405nm and wide range UV-Curable 3D Printers | Uncured resin can be easily to clean by Alcohol, IPA, Acetone Bath when your part comes out of the 3D printer.

It is available for a variety and wide range UV light source 3D printers, the resin provides a stronger level of hardness with the high precision and a great low shrinkage size can present clear three-dimensional details surface finish for printed parts.

It’s wide range applications from figures to industrial parts and components are far more than a standard filament printer can produce. Low viscosity makes it easy to clean 3D printer tank and post-process the finished product as much as possible to improve the printing efficiency.

Tough, fatigue resistant and durable, this material is suited for a large range of applications with extremely fine details. The surface texture of the model is smooth and delicate.

You can use this High-Detail Resin when you need a model with a detail and a smooth surface, less post-puring work, paintable, transparency, allows you to print your 3D CAD design works and make it from an idea into reality.

This no V.O.C liquid material with very small smell can give you a more comfortable print creation environment will definitely be worth trying for your SLA/LCD printers.

Store and Usage Condition

* Shake well before use.
* Avoid direct light while bottle is opened.
* Keep it out of the reach of children.
* Wear gloves to avoid direct skin contact.
* To avoid contamination, do not pour resin back into the original container.
* You can discard hardened resin items as trash.
* Clean uncured resin with high-concentration alcohol soak for 30 seconds before post-curing.

Used Fields :

Figures, Rapid Prototyping, Dental, Craftwork, Education, etc.

Transparent High-Detail Resin

Transparent Resin is the material of great quality at a low price, you can choose making it if you want to print in a transparent material. Resin has a high level of detail, it is translucent available with sanding paper to feels smooth to the touch and is easy to paint and post-process.

The material is water-resistant for smaller models that need a smooth, high-quality, transparent surface.

The resin is suitable for visual models with limited functionality, but with a high level of detail. Applications range from visual models to model trains and figurines.

Standard Color Resin

The OEM color comes in 924 colors, but in total there are nine finishing colors to choose from: white, black, blue, green, yellow, gray, red, orange and brown.

Our color resin is a very high level of detail with great surface quality resin, from liquid resin hardened by a UV light which is much more detailed than almost all other 3D printing materials, and easy to paint.

Applications range from visual models and figurines.

Resin Colors For SLA/DLP/LCD/UV 3D Printer


Hardness: 85 D;

Shrinkage: 2.1 %

Viscosity (cps): 120 +/- 50

Liquid Density: 1.200 g/cm³

Solid Density: 1.295 g/cm³

Flexure Strength: 60-70 Mpa

Extension Strength: 35-45 Mpa

Elongation at Break: 14.0

Warranty: 12 months


250mL to 200Liter

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