Green-Wax 3D Printing Castable Resin

Suitable for Jewelry and Dental Investment Casting.

VC2200 - 17Oz (500mL). Ship worldwide 5-15 days.


The Venus-Creator VC2200 resin is developed to manufacture wax-like molds for castables. We have our own jewelry casting studio, VC2200 is the only casting resin to used for our customers. Our research & development team has been continuously working closely with our casting studio team. VC2200 resin specially formulated include higher green-casting wax contains, printed molds evaporates with heat leaving no ash and more easily made for direct casting.


Venus Creator Casting Studio

Venus-Creator Casting Studio is a lost-wax casting house that uses 3D printed mold making techniques to fabricate small and large parts in a wide variety of metals for jewelry casting patterns, master patterns. The entire process was digitized to get more cost-efficiently repeatable results and is possible to significantly reduce human error. Venus-Creator casting studio uses VC2200 resin to bringing industrial quality to produce and fit complicated geometries. High quality castable resins and affordable 3D printers are changing the way jewelry manufacturers and designer’s work. Using VC2200 wax-like resin, our jewelers casting processes and workflows still remain the same well for ages.



• For Jewelry and Dental casting. Can be used for any type of jewelry including smooth surface, engraving, high details or filigree jewelry.
• Perfect print quality for UV/LCD/DLP 3d printers. Optimized for 15µm - 50µm layers, can be adjusted by exposure time for layer thickness.
• High wax content offers excellent weldability: VC2200 incorporating natural wax allows you to use normal working wax in the same toolset and the same process by attaching to sprues for excellent casting characteristics.
• Smooth surfaces also for large and heavy wall thickness metals.
• Easy burnout and casting for standard burnout cycle. Consistently smooth and fine quality castings with dental burnout cycle and dental investments.
• Consistent casting quality with most investment powders. It’s more easily casting silver and gold.
• 100% ash-free burnout. Sublimation starts at 100 °C(Celsius), Full burnout also at standard temperature 750 °C.
• No expansion during burnout, Negligible shrinkage high dimensional stability and low shrinkage. Excellent casting accuracy and print quality, great solution for presetting stone.
• No pigments will settle out, No primer needed, Low odor, Solvent free, Low skin irritant, Resistant to most solvents


Perfect casting using wax equipment as well normal gypsum bonded investments.

VC2200 wax like resin can be used in the same kind of direct investment casting process, with the same tools of jewelry and dental patterns and same investments as wax. Wax-like photopolymer for foolproof casting casting with zero ash content and less thermal expansion during burnout, reliable highly accurate resin captures intricate features and offers the smooth surfaces.


Suitable for jewelry where a huge quantity of metal is needed and/or high details are required.

Jewelsmiths are always asking for a high resolution investment in one cast, fast burnout, safety insurance to divest a clean burn-out and no ash content. VC2200 a castable resin that can work by printing investment patterns with the needs of professional jewelers. The castable resins designed to have properties nearly identical to wax, can streamline jewelers carved or shaped investment patterns of wax. Digital models designed for precious metal applications will be easier, faster and if possible cheaper. VC2200 higher wax content resin is unique and special formulation allows it to be printable with all UV printers and ensures consistent and excellent casting results.


100% ash-free and without reacting with investment in order to get perfect casting quality in jewelry manufacturing.

This resin offers great burnout properties, sublimation starts at 130 °C, evaporate at moderate burnout temperatures and easy burnouts are possible at 750 °C. Parts printed with the VC2200 resins are without leaving mold residue. VC2200 its special formulation higher wax content allows for a clean burnout that delivers foolproof casting with standard investment. Very low thermal expansions to give high-grade modeling results that ensure the perfect fit especially suitable for producing precious metal castings. Additionally, It offers excellent surface quality which makes it perfect for relatively large jewelry efficient workflow pieces.


Builds with the highest quality and crisp detail on LCD/DLP/UV 3D printers.

VC2200 offers excellent dimensional stability for jewelers, dental labs and engineers direct investment casting applications. High precision and accuracy provides perfect detail and smooth surface quality in printing and casting of an exceptionally crisp detail.


Cleaning and post-curing printed parts.

Post-curing offers smooth surfaces from stereolithography 3D printing. Once the pattern is 3D printed and after getting cleaned with alcohol or acetone, you can shape it by hand to other artful features into the design. Post-cured prior to covering with a chosen investment. The surfaces produced are extremely smooth and allowing for a casting which is free from porosity.
• Remove and inspect parts for residual resin.
• Clean uncured resin with high-concentration alcohol or acetone bath for 60 seconds washing before post-curing.
• Post-curing will make sure the model is ready for casting.
• Post-cured on all surfaces 60seconds in UV lamp. Small UV power sources may needs more time.



• Avoid direct light while bottle is opened.
• Keep it out of the reach of children.
• Wear gloves to avoid direct skin contact.
• To avoid contamination, do not pour resin back into the original container.
• You can discard hardened resin items as trash.


Product: VC2200

Hardness: 42D

Shrinkage: 1 %

Viscosity (cps): 520 +/- 50

Z Layer: 30-50microns

Warranty: 12 months

Container 500 ml

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