VC203 - Water Clear
Non Yellowing Epoxy

The Resin Design for Epoxy Casting Maker and Artists.

sms_counter A turly non-yellowing epoxy casting resin now release.
VC203 water clear AB casting system produces a hard and non-yellowing cast piece. This material is design for encapsulating to create clear artistic pieces as it is extremely durable without chipping or cracking.

The casting look will just as original mold. A gloss surface mold will produce a glossy appearance. A matte surface mold will have a frosty appearance on cast. Small or soft parts may need a post cure. Recommended to post cure the part at 160℉-180℉ for 30mins to assist the resin in fully curing and then cool down before demolding.


* Anti-Yellowing, Non-Yellowing, Yellow Resistance.
* High brightness, High luminosity and flatness.
* Solvent resistance.
* Custom art design 3D, DIY Resin Mold Jewelry.
* Waterproof and Weatherproof.

Mixing Ratio 1:1

Please try out the product in small quantities before using it in large quantities.
To mix the Resin and Hardener ratio must very accurately by Weight.
The larger amount that glue mixed together, the faster the curing speed will be. Larger amounts of mixed resin will shorten work time and warmer the resin.
Pay attention to control the amount of Resin and Hardener that is mixed at one time, because the time available for use will be shortened due to the faster reaction.
After the materials have been poured together, scrape the sides and the bottom of the mixing cup and continue mix thoroughly (reduces air introduced into your resin) for approximately 60 seconds.

Color and Dyes

Venus Creator Non-Yellowing Resin can be dyed or pigmented to obtain beautiful colors using non-water base dyes. Small test to ensure compatibility before using or preloading into the resin.

Get Rid of Air Bubbles

Recommend use vacuum chamber to remove the air out of the resin from your casting piece. Vacuum pressure expands the air bubbles and buoyancy float air to the top.
Once mixed A and B thoroughly, put to vacuum the resin when the air bubbles will come up and then go back down to degas until no air bubbles are seen.
Do not remove the casting from the pressure pot until the demold time has been reached.
To prevent not create any new air bubbles in the process, you may begin to slowly and try to pour the resin slowly down the side of your mold cavity.
Tilting your mold will prevent the resin from splashing in the bottom of your mold and creating unwanted air bubbles. Rotate the mold to allow the air to escape up the side of the mold.

Store at Low Humidity

Store at room temperature of 77℉ degree or avoid from sunlight, high temperature or high humidity environment.
Use up as soon as possible when opened. It is strictly forbidden to expose to the air for a long time after it is opened. Place caps and lids back onto the containers as soon as you are done measuring the material you need.
Relative humidity or moisture will react with the hardener, please use paper towel to clean the Hardener’s cap after used, . You may notice crust, crystals, or chunks around the cap of hardener.
DO NOT pour the resin or hardener into the water. DO NOT microwave the resin or hardener. Make sure to use and store materials in an area where children cannot reach or access.

Work Area & Clean Up

Clean up unmixed or still liquid material, use rubbing alcohol on a rag or paper towel to quickly clean and remove. To prevent damage from spilled resin please cover surfaces with plastic sheeting or paperboard. Once cured, the resin is nearly impossible to remove.
Pouring and storing in an environmentally controlled working area that contains low humidity. Resin casting is best done in a ventilation work area such as a basement, garage, or hobby room with adequate air movement.
Wearing protective gloves when using it. Mixed Resins will stain clothing, carpet, upholstery, and any other porous materials and will not come out.

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Product: VC203

Color: A(Clear) / B(Clear)

Mixed Viscosity (cps): 500 +/- 50

Hardness of Solid: Shore D 75-80

Mix Ratio: 1:1 by Weight

Warranty: 12 months

Full Cure: 2-3 days / 30 mins at 170°F(76°C).


20 ounces: 10 oz A / 10 oz B

2KG: 1kg A / 1kg B

20KG: 10kg A / 10kg B

200KG: 100kg A / 100kg B

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