• 3D Goldfish Art UV Resin

More layer more real!

Painting your 3D animals layer by layer it will looks very realistic!

Save your time from 12days to 1hour.

VC1466 is New Formula Resin non-toxic VOC specially for gold-fish layer art work. A water clear glass result , high transparency and no bubbles , On any wood, pottery , glass , porcelain , acrylic.

Guarantee 1 year.

3D Goldfish ART Octopus Painting

It's hard to believe, but these lively animal swimming in the bowls are not real at all! like 3D printer, the artists paints the fish layer by layer. These swimming animals layer by layer, more details are added to bring the animals to life and create the optical illusion. On top of the sandwiched layers of resin are drawn animals before allowing the resin to settle and pouring another layer on top.

Gold-fish art work by Japanese Artist Riusuke Fukahori


The original incredibly realistic 3D goldfishart works is from a Japanese artist named Riusuke Fukahori, he is painting these using acrylic paint layered over clear resin.

Today there are more and more artists from this world are love to creating layer resin arts just like singorport artist Keng Lye and Chierchia Gerardo...

Resin goldfish painting tutorial : First layer of a resin into containers to be painting, etc. then dry the UV resin , you can draw the fish first layer, wait for painting paint dry, again pour resin on the deployment of good coagulation Layer


3D Goldfish Art UV Resin

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