• Form1 Optimize - Clear 3DP Resin

This resin has optimize  for Form1 3D printer

Be attention to the surface of resin while curing time control to avoid overexposure.

Water clear transparent liquid , shake well before use.

Alcohol clean the surface after 3d model finished print.

Viscosity: 125 ~ 135 cps / 25°C

Low VOC , Low Odor , High Definition , Less viscous and More Colours.

Special formula for most of home based DLP/SLA/UV Light Curable 3D Printing Systems.

  • Store product indoors in black tightly closed containers at temperatures 5°C ~ 50°C.
  • Easier to clean out by Alcohol rubbing.
  • The resin will be fine as new for 1year.
  • When using UV lasers or LEDs, the cure time is very fast, do not setup with too much curing time.

The resin should be post cured by placing in uv lamp or direct sunlight for the best properties after created a newly object from DLP 3D Printers.

If resin has sat for a very long time, please shaking before use to ensure color pigment is well dispersed, allow 5-10 minutes before pouring for air bubbles to dissipate.

Use protective eyewear and gloves when handling liquid resin and cleaning up newly created objects.

3 Container sizes 300mL/0.3KG/10.6oz/0.67lb , 600mL/0.6KG/21.2oz/1.44lb , 1.2L/1.2KG/42.4oz/2.65lb ,

If you asking for more resins than 20KG please Contact us.

Form1 Optimize - Clear 3DP Resin

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